Saturday, June 30, 2007

TomTom One Caught Speeding!

While writing my post about TomTom One, which I bought recently, I realized that the device is speeding! TomTom One has a feature that enables users to preview the route in a demo mode. TomTom previews the route and all the turns as if you were driving the car, while you sit in your chair. The interesting thing is that my TomTom was "driving" 75mph on the 101 freeway which has speed limited posted at 65mph - standard in the Silicon Valley!!!

TomTom One "driving" 75mph in 65mph zone

A simple explanation is that TomTom bases all its calculations (as well as preview) on the real life speeds rather than "posted" speed limits. I must admit there isn't too many people out there driving 65mph or less on Freeway 101. ;-)


fikovnik said...
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fikovnik said...

...or it a bug. The question is where at TomTom software or map provider?

I'll look into it tomorrow, if I have a time. Good observation, though!