Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Obsessed with Tabs

This is a screenshot I took during a regular development/research day:

What is your average number of browser tabs opened at once?


Unknown said...

I limit it to as many tabs as you can visibly fit in the window.

Btw, I recall someone making a smug comment about a cheesy picture with a dog ;)

Anonymous said...

Thats insane. I'm with martin, I tend to limit it to the number that I can see, sometimes slightly more.

I've gotten up higher, 30-50 range, but normally only when doing large searches and typically they don't stay open very long.

Igor Minar said...

I probably need to come up with a better garbage-collection algorithm. :)

I'm at 40 tabs now, and I'm not even doing anything special.

Re dog: His name is Buddy and it's my sisters golden retriever. I love that puppy!


rama said...

if it takes me longer to find my existing tab than launch a new one, then I've reached critical mass-- thats usually <=10.

Unknown said...

+1 to Martin's approach. Do you know about this?

And the "Copy all URLs" add-on for FireFox?

Anonymous said...

I guess you use Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2 ... Ctrl-9 quite often.
I don't think there's Ctrl-256 :)

Do you know if there's short cut key to tab drop down list?

Igor Minar said...

@a sunny: Unfortunately I don't think that there is a shortcut for that.

@martin & linda: did you know that on Mac you can scroll horizontally through the tabs with two fingers moving left or right on the touchpad (you need to activate touchpad gestures in the system preferences). Alternatively you can list all the tabs with the tiny "List all tabs" button that "a sunny" mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I use IE5 and usually have at least 169 separate windows open when I browse. It's very easy to navigate though because Windows XP is so smart and puts them all into a group on the taskbar. Plus, I can use alt-tab to switch between them.