Thursday, May 28, 2009

grizzly-sendfile to Become an Official Grizzly Module

After a chat with JFA about grizzly-sendfile's future, I'm pleased to announce today that grizzly-sendfile 0.4 will be the first version of grizzly-sendfile released as an official module of grizzly. This is a huge news for grizzly-sendfile and I believe an equally important news for grizzly and its community.

What this "merger" means for grizzly-sendfile:

  • great opportunity to extend the reach
  • opportunity to become the default static file handler in Grizzly
  • aspiration to become the default static file handler in GlassFish v3
  • more testing and QA
  • easier and faster access to grizzly developers and contributors

What this "merger" means for grizzly:

  • contribution of 1 year of research, development and testing time in the area of static http downloads
  • several times better performance and scalability of http static file downloads
  • built-in X-Sendfile functionality
  • better JMX instrumentation for http downloads
  • and more

If you can't wait for 0.4, go and get recently released version 0.3.

This is a great day for both projects! :-)

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