Wednesday, September 12, 2007

API Design and JSR 310 Replacing Java Date and Calendar Classes

It seems that today I'm stumbling upon a lot of interesting stuff.

While coding stuff for tomorrow's release, I watched this pretty good talk in which Joshua Bloch, once again, excellently addresses the issues and pitfalls of API design:

During the talk, Joshua makes an interesting comment. A JSR was created earlier this year, that is supposed to *finally* replace the crippled Date and Calendar classes in JDK. JSR 310: Date and Time API is lead by folks responsible for Joda Time library, that's a great sign! The request well captures current problems and needs, and I can't wait to see it implemented as a part of JDK.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's very exciting!
And, I'm interested in what Taligent engineers who designed current Date&Time API in Java SE (they worked for IBM later, and are at Google now) thinks about it....