Sunday, September 16, 2007

Solution for the Java Web Start Not Launching Problem

A couple months ago I noticed that I couldn't launch any Java Web Start application from my browser (by downloading and launching a *.jnlp file). When I try to launch an app, the Java Web Start logo appeared and after 20-30 seconds it went away and that was it. How frustrating!

Java Web Start

I struggled for a long time, but then I found a solution posted on a site.

All you need to do is to delete the cache:
rm ~/Library/Caches/Java/
Today the problem re-appeared, but armed with this knowledge, I fixed it in a second.

I have a feeling that this problem is somehow related to the preview version of JDK6 that I installed on my Mac. Apple, where is that darn JDK6 final?!?!? Unfortunately, even when Apple JDK6 is out, it most likely won't be any good for my Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger.


Unknown said...

There appear to be more and more headaches resulting from having installed the Java 6 beta for Mac OS X. Some notes on how to remove it if you're hitting problems with Rosetta-run apps on Intel Macs, like MS Word, etc. See this forum post and search for the first post by "bigman13" for how to remove. Use caution. Only do this on a machine after a good backup.

Igor Minar said...


Sorry for being sarcastic, but I think you have much bigger problems to deal with than a broken JDK, if you are using MS Word under Rosetta :-D.


Anonymous said...

W00t, thanks for posting this. After the latest JDK update from Apple, Web Start was broken. Deleting that file fixed it. Cheers