Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Adobe Reader Direct Download Link

Update (07-04-22): see this entry for v8.0 download link.

Adobe is giving me more and more problems on my Macbook Pro. After being unable to install any of the Adobe trial applications (due to an abort trap error during installation), I ha problems installing Adobe Reader as well. This time the Adobe Reader Download Manager doesn't do it's job.

When you download the Adobe Reader from the Adobe website, you actually download "Adobe Reader Download Manger" that is supposed to download the Adobe Reader for you and launch the installation. What ever the reason for this is, it doesn't work.

You can however download the Adobe Reader directly and install it it without any problems. The link for the download is:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info, i was searching for this, direct download didn't work for me on Win XP SP2, and thats weird

Igor Minar said...

The link above is the download link for mac version of adobe reader. I wouldn't be surprised if the winxp download link was very similar, but you have to figure out the right "variables" in the url.

Anonymous said...

even though this is a few months old, the direct link for adobe for XP is

Anonymous said...

since the comment box cut the link, simply change the link where it says "mac" to "win" , and at the end change the extension from "dmg" to "exe"

Igor Minar said...

thanks Dark