Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Echo2 = Swing for Web Applications

There are so many web frameworks out there that one doesn't even know which one is worth exploring. I've recently seen an amazing demo app created with Echo2. Check it out here. There is also demo webmail, chat and other demos worth clicking on.

One thing that I found really interesting about this framework is that the whole gui is composed from java components (like Swing) that are rendered as xhtml/css/js, and all the communication between client and server is done via AJAX. This makes the app responsiveness heavily dependent on the network latency but that it is the only price you pay for using this framework.


David Pillot's blog said...

I've also seen this demo and was very impressed.
This should be the ultimate framework for web application.
but as far I understood the application can only run in web mode. This would great if the echo application could be run in a jvm, precisely like swing application..
agree ?

Igor Minar said...

What do you mean by "web mode"? Echo2 applications run in a JVM on the server side. If you are thinking about running the code in browser's JVM then you would actually be talking about applets. And as you probably know applets are plagued with long load time compared to ajax web applications. Maybe something like Java Browser Edition / Java Kernel will fix this once and then applets will beat Flash. I guess we have to wait and see if JDK7 will really solve this problem.