Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Changing Font Size in NetBeans

I submitted a bug few weeks ago in hope that the default font size for Mac version of NetBeans can be set to something smaller compared to what it currently is.

When I started using NetBeans on Mac I felt that the font is just way too huge and text as well as menu and tab controls take a lot of space that could be used to display more code which means less scrolling.

The bug I submitted seems to attract attention of NetBeans developers these days so hopefully something will be done about it.

For now, I found out that you can control the font size with a command line parameter --fontsize <number>. Or even better you can put this in the netbeans.conf file that can be found in /Applications/NetBeans.app/Contents/Resources/NetBeans/etc/ directory. I prefer to use font size 11 (the default is 13). To set this you need to append the setting to the net so the netbeans_default_options variable.
netbeans_default_options="........ --fontsize 11"
Btw the version 5.5RC2 is out, this release doesn't contain the AIOOBE bug that was giving me a lot of trouble on my intel mac.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the info. While the default font size makes NetBeans look fabulous, it eat lots of screen estate.

Anonymous said...

It seems that it only changes the font size of the netbeans interface (e.g. menu and buttons). The font size of the code in the editor window is left unchanged. :(

Igor Minar said...

that can be done via Options/Preferences -> Fonts & Colors

Anonymous said...

Options/Preferences -> Fonts & Colors

I can't find any font size, could you show a screenshot of where is that feature to change the netbeans code size? I'm using the latest netbeans 6.7

Babi said...

Choose in "Category" the entry "Default" and then at the right side "Font: Monospaced 13" your font with a click on "..."