Saturday, May 12, 2007

JavaFX Killer App - PDF Reader

This is an awesome app. It hasn't been released yet due to licensing issues with the underlying PDF rendering library IIRC. But the work is in progress to get it out.


Anonymous said...

A "killer" app is one that solves a problem in a superlative way as compared to existing solutions.

I don't think this qualifies as one.

A PDF reader!!!

Augusto said...

Adobe's PDF reader locks up my computer all the time, and it's always asking me to update pieces with modal dialogs I don't care about.

A lighterweight version that runs on many platforms and even on Mobile phones is very compelling to me.

pelegri said...

This has very good potential. _IF_ this was done really well and integrated and it included a Flash player and search, it could be a killer App for the newspaper industry. Check out the Electronic Edition of the NYT; all the newspapers are trying to figure out how to retain their advantage and delivery vehicle agains other delivery vehicles. - eduard/o

Igor Minar said...


I think that this PDF reader provides "superlative" GUI. A GUI that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Even Apple's Preview App (the default PDF reader on Mac) looks like an ugly duck compared to this reader.


Anonymous said...

how does the pdf reader works using java runtime? do java runtime has pdf support?


Igor Minar said...

As far as I know, Chris is/was using a 3rd party library for rendering PDF in this app.

He mentioned something somewhere that they were trying to make the app available for download, but I'm not sure if it ever happened.

Nerd Progre said...

Sheesh, what happened to this??? I wanted a Java based PDF reader that I can install on a shared NAS and access for every OS with shortcuts-launchers instead of Adobe´s bloated offering, and a Java6 - JavaFX version is just what is needed.

This is the kind of project that Sun should be sponsoring. If it´s using a proprietary module then outright BUY the company and release the program as open source. It´s a small investment to see Java-JavaFX installed in tens of thousands of systems world-wide.