Monday, September 17, 2007

SunWikis v1.0.6 Released - Embedded Videos & Google Analytics

Yet another update for our, bringing exciting new features, was rolled out today!


Just to mention a few:

Detailed release notes, with instructions on how to use the new features are available here

Ohh.. and did I mention that we have a new lol zuke for our maintenance page? :)

What's next? I want to finish up the Google Analytics support so that it is fully configurable from the Space Admin interface. And most likely we'll also open up the remote API so that SunWikis can be used in other than traditional ways. Stay tuned!


Danny Holland said...

Thank you for youtube ability! Will be sooooo sweet!

Igor Minar said...

:) You're welcome! If you have ideas about other things you would like to see at, be sure to let us know.