Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apple to Bundle a Wiki Server with MacOS X Leopard Server

Now that Apple finally released information about MacOS X Leopard, I learned that a wiki server will be part of Leopard Server OS.
Mac OS X [Leopard] Server makes it easy for groups to collaborate and communicate through their own wiki-powered intranet website complete with group calendar, blog, and mailing list. Users can create and edit wiki pages, tag and cross-reference material, upload files and images, add comments, and search content with point-and-click ease. (Source)
Pretty interesting, right? I wonder how the wiki server is implemented. I'd expect to see a lot of eye candy, seamless integration with other Apple offerings, but I'm not holding my breath for too many features.

The website doesn't offer many details, but it seems that the wiki server is intended mainly for team collaboration and not for external facing sites like I hope that I'll get more information soon. MacOS Server is not that easy to see around here. No wonder, after all, we have our cool Solaris everywhere. :)

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Anonymous said...

ahoj Igor, zdravim Ta zo Slovenska.

Na Tvoju stranku ma doviedol Google s --"macos X" leopard server wiki blog--

Inymi slovami, na Leopard serveru chcem na Wiki mat nejake nastroje na sledovanie myslienkovych map MindMaps.

Ked Ta tu vidim, tak Ta pozdravim, ked uz nic insie... :) Vela zdravia, tam za velkou mlakou.

miro novak