Saturday, October 06, 2007

AT&T's Language Mix-up in the "Philawarepragueacago" TV Ad

Last night I saw a new TV commercial for AT&T called “Philawarepragueacago”. In this ad a, guy studying and living in Prague says "How are you, brother?" supposedly in Czech. The problem is that he doesn't say it in Czech at all. He says it in Slovak! :)

After I heard it the first time I wasn't sure if I heard it correctly or not, but after a quick Google search I found the commercialy green blog dissecting and analyzing the commercial.

Commercially green was not able to transcribe the supposedly Czech line, so here it is:
Jak sa máš, brácho?

Which in casually spoken Slovak means:
How are you, brother?

The same thing in Czech would be:
Jak se máš, brácho?

It might be a small difference for Americans but I caught the difference right away.

Maybe if the director of the commercial read the book, The Foreigner's Guide to Living In Slovakia, he'd know that there is a difference between the Czech and Slovak languages.

The only explanation that AT&T can get away with is that there are a lot of Slovaks studying at Prague's universities, so it's possible that the "brother" has Slovak room-mates from which he picked up some Slovak. :)

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