Friday, March 02, 2007

Yeah, I got tagged as well

Someone somewhere far far in the internet galaxy started this “viral” chain letter-ish tagging game . The game spread across the blogsphere like a flood and no banks were left dry. Some of my colleagues were more than happy to spread it by picking 5 more victims for this game and so I got tagged twice. At first my boss Rama tagged me, followed by a friend and ex-team mate Martin.

So here are 5 things you probably didn't know about me:
  • I used to be an MS user, living with Windows OS every day, but fortunately my salvation came almost two years ago when I joined Sun. Ever since then I had no need to fix crashing computers :)
  • I shook hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being a European and actually a neighbor of Austria this is a big deal! It's good to know that foreigners in California can be so successful.
  • I'm a performance junkie. I love to play with profilers, tweaking the code and trying different strategies to squeeze as much performance as possible from apps that deal with a lot of data.
  • I'm a Slovak, not Slovakian, not Slovenian or Slovene, not Czech. And I'm proud to be one.
  • I hate chain letter games of any form. Most of the chain letters games are just scams or a waste of time. So besides me being busy, this is one of the reasons for this post coming with such a delay.
And to spare others I decided not to tag anyone ;-).

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rama said...

woot! better late than never. ;)